Executive Annoucement

Exciting News from the executive

Communication to Members

We know that communication with our members is key to your involvement. Moving forward you will receive an email update, FB update notice and a website update on the 15th & 30th of every month. We want you to know that the executive is actively working together this year to move our club forward. Each month a different executive member will be providing new and exciting information pertaining to everyday dog ownership to important health information for our dogs. You will also still receive an emailed Single Track 3 times a year. The next release is this April.

Want to contribute? Email Sharon – adpcsecretary@gmail.com

Committee Formations

As an executive we need to find ways to involve the entire Doberman community and get them excited to be involved with our club. We also want to make membership a valuable commodity. Here’s how:

  1. SOCIAL COMMITTEE – Co-Chairs: Deb Romans & Laurie Roseborough

–       More committee members will be added

–       Annual Fun day BBQ event was a success last year and will be doing one this year in Blackfalds Alberta Campground on Sunday September 21st, 2014.

–       This event aims to encourage any Doberman enthusiast to come out and socialize with members and hopefully recruit some new members

–       We would like to plan regional ADPC events for Christmas; one in Edmonton and Calgary.  Should pick a date in early December to prevent conflict with personal Christmas obligations.

–       We will be looking at organizing more training, educational and social events hosted by the club throughout the year.

–       We would like to host more non-show events for the average owner

–       Photo Contest this year’s theme: Spring Mess.  Will post entries on Facebook and website.  May extend photo contest until the end of April because of cold weather and to allow voting time.  Tally up votes on Facebook like we did last year.  Invite friends and family to vote.

2. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – Chair: Alison Merrick

–       I’d like to recruit some non-board member volunteers

–       We are looking into offering more incentives to be ADPC members

–       Current annual membership fees are $25 for single and $35 for family

–       Going forward we will offer 1st year membership FREE to all NEW members, this however does not give them access to clinic vouchers, cheaper holter rentals ext

–       Access to cardio clinics 3 times a year going forward. However, the $50 cardio vouchers are only for PAID membership only

–       Going forward ALL CURRENT PAID MEMBERS can access our holter for the cost of Alba medical to read which is $35.  Non-members currently pay $100 for rental (this also includes reading fee).

–       Propose to create a pdf version of a welcome package for breeders to give to their puppy people.  The breeder gives a copy of the ADPC welcome package with the new puppy owner.  Information in this pdf welcome package needs to be finalized by the executive.

–       Package may include ADPC pens, magnets or post-its for new members

3.FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE Chair: Leah Hamaluk, members –Deb Romans, Laurie Roseborough, Sharon Knight

–       We would like to propose a fundraising committee to help with club fundraising for club events, holter monitor

–       Details for this committee will follow

–       For members to access the Holter at reading charge only we must fundraise to cover the cost of purchase

4. Show Committee Chair: Lynda Palsat

–       Things are moving along for our July Specialty

–       Current Volunteers:

  • Juniors – Denise Mellor
  • Ribbons/Trophies – Alison Merrick
  • Sponsorship – Diane Scott
  • Obedience – Lynda Palsat
  • Hospitality – Rachel Jesse, Laurie Roseborough

We need to build our club to be an all-inclusive, educational group of Doberman enthusiasts.

Let’s move forward together to promote our FANTASTIC BREED!!!!

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